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" In a mansion Bukovje we have as well together organised the workshops of the Vocal Technique, which have been led by Robert Feguš and they have been excellently accepted among the listeners. We can surely claim that Mr. Feguš with his activities in the field of singing, where he is active artistically and professionally at an enviably high level, contributes to a great improvement of choral music in the Slovenian area. " -- Robert Preglau, JSKD RS - OI Dravograd

Past Workshops: Maribor, Kočevje, Železna Kapla (Austria), Ljubljana, Gornja Radgona, Postojna, Slovenska Bistrica, Piran, Škofja Loka, St. Primus (Austria), Korte, Ptuj, Bled, Bohinjska Bistrica, Trst (Italy), Pula (Croatia), Dravograd, Radlje ob Dravi, Stična, Portorož, Mirna, Bohinj and Žalec.

" We had luck at choosing a mentor for performing a seminar of vocal technique. Robert Feguš has passed much useful newness on the singers with his boldness, great knowledge and experiences. I need to point out that I myself have participated at several seminars all over the world, but due to complicating many conductors were not able to introduce experiences as honestly and with such authority as Mr. Feguš. Our lecturer has also spoken in a splendid way about values of cooperation in a choir..." -- Paola Stermotić, conductor, Pula (Croatia)


Cooperation with: Department of Education Republic of Slovenia, ZSKD Trst, JSKD OI Dravograd, Girls vocal group Vocabela, Mixed choir Kočev’c, Girls Choir Radlje ob Dravi, Mixed Choir Encijan from Pula, Mixed Choir Cantate Nobiscum, Youth Choir Zborallica, Female Choir Šentrupert, Portorož Mixed Choir, Mixed Choir Lucija, Vocal group Cantate Domino, Mixed Choir Obirsko (Austria), Youth Choir Danica (Austria), Mixed Choir Šempeter pri Gorici, JSKD OI Gornja Radgona, JSKD OI Maribor and JSKD OI Škofja Loka, Institute of Culture Slovenska Bistrica, Female choirs Korte and Šentrupert, Male vocal group Lipa, Mixed Choir Skala Slovan, Youth group Anakrousis (Trst, Italy), Vox Medicorum, Male vocal group Dominus and Mixed Choir A Cappella.

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