Quality vocal production, based on individual education and upbringing of singers...

Dear sponsors!

You share with us a vision of creating a growing, culturally educated society, you like the art of music reproduction at a high level and maybe you recognise a Musica Vocal School as one of the institutions of such activities in Slovenia. In time, when a state, companies and other responsible institutions are losing an ear for music and a sense for conservation of Slovenian culture, all we can do is to turn to you, our loyal listeners and supporters! With a donation within your abilities in forms of financial or organisational support you will contribute to a long term concert and educational activity in Slovenia and abroad, and to a complete development of our creative potential. If you are ready to help, transfer you contribution on an appended account: SI56 6100 0000 6142 775 (Dh) , and do not forget to write down your name! We will thank you in a proper way by publishing it on a website, by inviting you to a concert, by expressing an honest inner message and by a high quality singing.

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